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Wind Dancing

Wind Dancing was born Kyra Cartwright 600 years ago. She was the only daughter of a fairly well-to-do merchant and was brought up in a loving home with 3 older brothers. She first experienced the becoming at a town festival when she was 18 years old. The day had started out ordinarily, if busier than normal, and by afternoon she was allowed to go into town with friends to catch some of the festivities. As the afternoon wore on the crowd became rowdier and noisier. Suddenly she was assaulted by a bear of a man who tried to drag her off to his room in a nearby inn to rape her.

She fought back and, in the scuffle, she was shoved to the ground. As he reached for her once more she struggled to get back on her feet... suddenly she found herself with two extra legs...and wings? And the man was quickly backing away with fear in his eyes... leaving her standing alone in confusion as other revelers looked at her in shock for a few long moments.

Suddenly panic set it. Men reached for whatever weapon was at hand and advanced on her, while the women and children screamed and ran for their lives. She stood still, staring at the approaching men for a moment before starting to back up... only to run into a wall.

It was then that she noticed that her hands had turned into eagle talons... with beautiful golden brown feathers starting 1/2-way up the legs. She held one in front of her for a moment looking at the sharp, deadly-looking claws at the end..... and fear struck her heart as she realized what had happened. As the men advanced with their makeshift weapons and started to attack her, she fended them off, not understanding what was happening or how she was able to defend herself so easily, and tried not to harm them in the process. Suddenly she saw her parents and brothers dragged into the street by the mob and saw the horrified expressions that told her that they could not believe this "monster" was their daughter. In her pain, fear, and confusion she somehow managed to take to the skies to circle overhead, just out of reach of the lone archer below.

As she circled she was forced to watch helplessly as her family was butchered for harboring a monster, but instead of trying to take immediate revenge, she screamed an eagle's cry of despair and flew swiftly away. After she had gone about 10 miles she landed in a small clearing shaking with fear and grief. Afraid that she was trapped in this form forever, she examined her new shape. Her front 1/2 seemed to be that of a large eagle and her back 1/2 seemed to be that of a large cat....perhaps a lion? Then it hit her... she was a griffon! She had always admired the shape when she had seen it on flags and shields and even heard a few travelers claim to have "met" a griffin or two in their time, but she had no time to think what that might mean. She fled south through the countryside, hiding when possible or taking to the sky when she couldn't. Over the next few weeks she discovered that she could easily switch between her human and griffin shapes, and that she seemed to have some new and wild talents. She dropped out of sight for the next few years, and it is assumed that she wandered throughout Europe alone with few, if any, that she could call friend and hunted by nightmarish demons she had no name for.

The next time she was spotted she was in the company of an older nightbane who had taken the younger one under her wing and began to teach her how to use magic and her talents, as well as everything she knew about the creatures they fought on an almost daily basis. They wandered together for many years, fighting side-by-side and helping those in need. Those days came to an end, though, when they were ambushed by hounds and her teacher was killed and Kyra barely escaped with her life.

After a year of grieving over her dead friend Kyra decided to follow in her mentor's footsteps and began to take young nightbane as students. Teaching them to fight, follow their instincts, and above all else, think for themselves. Things stayed pretty much the same until she met Michael. She took him on as a fellow teacher, and they quickly became much more than partners.

They fell deeply in love with each other and despite a few problems, they married. Then Michael was killed in a senseless murder by vampires 13 years ago and Kyra's world was once again shattered. Shortly after Michael's death, she gave birth to a son- Jessie who she gave up for adoption as she herself was hunted by the vampires that had killed her husband. She was reunited with Jessie, but at the moment he wants nothing to do with her.

Her second husband was Steve West, but he became a vampire and walked out on her and their newborn daughter Angelique. Shortly after the end of their marriage she heard he had been killed, but wasn't too sorry to hear the news.

Her third husband was Master of the Blades...a man she loved dearly and was believed to be dead for thirteen years who she grieved for a long time, but he has once more returned confusing her to no end and trying to get to know his twin children he never knew about- Gabriel and Mariya.

She has since remarried to a man named Dragon Meadhan, leader of the Golden Dragon Clan, and has a sean named Sean Griffin by him. She can often be found wandering the planes and you never know which tavern she will show up in next.

Name: Wind Dancing
True Name: Kyra Cartwright
13th level nightbane sorcerer
morphus: griffin (front 1/2 eagle, back 1/2 lion)

Alignment: unprincipled
Facade Morphus Attribute Bonuses
IQ 14 +3 save vs. psychic attack/insanity
ME 20 65% trust/intimidate
MA 21 +2 roll with punch/fall
PS 15 32 +1 parry, dodge, & strike
PP 18 29 45% charm/impress
PE 16 30
PB 19
SPD 15 45/80 flying
SDC 34 144
HP 18 40
HF - 13
PPE 40 8
Lion Claws: 2d6 SDC
Beak slash/peck: 3d6 SDC
Eagle Talons: 1d6 SDC
Natural Powers:
The Becoming
Supernatural Senses: nightvision, sense other nightbane
Supernatural Attributes: Regenerate 10 SDC each melee round
Mirror Walk
Immunities: Mind control, vampire's slow kill bite, all forms of transformation
Exceptional Vision
+2 save vs. magic
+1 save vs. disease
+1 save vs. H.F.
+3 initiative
+3 strike, parry, dodge
+4 save vs. magic
+3 save vs. psionics
+3 save vs. disease
+3 save vs. H.F.
+3 all sight perception rolls
Dark Whip
Mirror Sight
Lady of the Wild
Cloud of Smoke
Globe of Daylight
Sense Magic
Mystic Alarm
Ignite Fire
Negate Poisons/Toxins
Energy Field
Fire Bolt
Shadow Meld
Breathe Without Air
Charismatic Aura
Charm Weapon
Cure Illness
Invisibility: Superior
Nightland Portal
Familiar Link (black cheetah name Kichebo)
Nightlands Passage
Summon Fog
Calm Storms
Summon Storm
O.C.C. Skills:
Read/Write/Speak English 98%
Mathematics: Basic 98%
Computer Operation 98%
Research 98%
Lore-Nightlands 95%
Lore-Nightbane 95%
Language: Spanish 98%
Language: German 98%
Lore-Geomancy or Lines of Power 98%
Related Skills:
Astronomy 98%
Botany 98%
Pilot: Auto 86%
WP Sword
Paramedic 98%
WP Bolt-Action Rifle
Lore-Religion 98%
Horsemanship 86%
W.P. Whip
Writing 55%
Computer Programming 50%

Passionate, caring, and out-spoken...the kind of person you want standing beside you in a fight. She will stand up for anyone she considers a friend, and will do everything in her power to protect the innocent, particularly children. She never talks down to anyone, even those she considers to be beneath her notice, who are few and far between. She doesn't make friends easily, but when she does, they are generally for life.

5'9", slender, long, curly, black hair that falls to the middle of her back, blue-green eyes, three tattoos: one on her right shoulder of a gold dragon diving, another of the silhoette of a gryphon on her lower back, and the third behind her left ear of an odd symbol that she usually keeps hidden by her hair and never explains what that symbol means. She also wears a gold ring on her right hand with a dragon swallowing its tail as the symbol that she is a member of the Thomas Clan as well as the Golden Dragon Clan.

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